The Ghetto Tarot

Ghetto Tarot Deck
Photo Credit: Alice Smeets | Artists: Atiz Rezistans, Grand Rue Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The Ghetto Tarot” is a project headed by Belgian photographer Alice Smeets in collaboration with the Atiz Rezistans (Resistant Artists), a collective of Haitian sculpture artists based in Grand Rue, Port-au-Prince, one of Haiti’s most impoverished districts. Elsewhere around the web I have previously voiced my reservations about the project, which I’ll reserve for a separate post. Here, I would like to shift my focus on the artists –their thoughts and contributions– as I believe in their creative license and agency as artists as well as the power of their art to foster social consciousness and change. Their work is critical to our understanding of the world through intercultural communication. As a result, I think more people should get to know more about the vibrant culture of Haiti – it’s history, it’s people, it’s spirituality, and so forth through the voices and perspectives of its artists and people. For this reason I share these artists’ vision and reinterpretation of their life experiences and artistic praxis in the Grand Rue “ghetto” because I, too, elieve in the transformative power of art and understanding.


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